On Productivity, or: I Like Paper, Part One

You could waste a whole day researching time management and other ways to be more productive. As a writer with my own business, I am solely in charge of my schedule, and no other situation can so quickly lead to wasting time. Late in 2018, but before the holidays, I was feeling adrift and knew I needed to find more discipline; access more structure to get back on track. I reverted to a system I learned years ago, and it has reenergized my days.

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Exercise, It’s Good for You: IT Investment Strategy

The most important idea about Information Technology (IT) strategy is to think of it as an exercise, not a document:

  • It isn’t: “we must complete an IT strategy document because all well-run IT departments have one.”
  • Rather, it’s: “we ought to complete the IT strategy exercise because it sparks the discussions and analysis that are essential to being a well-run enterprise.”

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